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Handlebars Block Helper : each with sort

I have an array of json objects which I output using a Handlebars template; I am currently doing using {{#each object}}...{{/each}}. I now need to sort the objects by one of the object's properties, which again is no problem using a handlebars helper & coffeescript, however, I have a problem in my template in that I cannot work out how to iterate over the sorted array using each.

My research so far indicates that I probably need to write a custom Handlebars helper which will, in effect, be:

{{#each_with_sort array}}

My existing sort helper is like this

Handlebars.registerHelper sort_me =>
myArray.sort (a,b)->
return if +a.sort_index >= +b.sort_index then 1 else -1

but, I am struggling to be able to use the sorted array in the template - for example, it is not as simple as

{{#each sort_me(myArray)}}

The data is coming from a third party API, so I have to perform sorting in handlebars/coffeescript.

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The easiest thing to do would be to sort the data before it gets to Handlebars, then you can use {{#each ...}} as usual and no helpers are needed. This sort of approach is quite common with Handlebars, the template is often split into two pieces: a (Java|Coffee)Script piece for data mangling/rearrangement and the template proper.

As an aside, you'll want to adjust your comparator function to behave property. From the fine manual:

If compareFunction is supplied, the array elements are sorted according to the return value of the compare function. If a and b are two elements being compared, then:

  • If compareFunction(a, b) is less than 0, sort a to a lower index than b, i.e. a comes first.
  • If compareFunction(a, b) returns 0, leave a and b unchanged with respect to each other, but sorted with respect to all different elements. Note: the ECMAscript standard does not guarantee this behaviour, and thus not all browsers (e.g. Mozilla versions dating back to at least 2003) respect this.
  • If compareFunction(a, b) is greater than 0, sort b to a lower index than a.

So you want to return 0 if a.sort_index and b.sort_index are the same, something more like this:

myArray.sort (a,b)->
  a = +a.sort_index
  b = +b.sort_index
  return  1 if a > b
  return  0 if a == b
  return -1 if a < b

If you must do the sorting inside the template then you'd need to add a custom each_with_sort helper to do both the sorting and the iteration, something like this:

# If you're always sorting by sort_index then you don't need the key argument
# and you might want to put the '+'-casting back in.
Handlebars.registerHelper('each_with_sort', (array, key, opts) ->
    data  = Handlebars.createFrame(opts.data) if(opts.data)
    array = array.sort (a, b) ->
        a = a[key]
        b = b[key]
        return  1 if a > b
        return  0 if a == b
        return -1 if a < b
    s = ''
    for e, i in array
        data.index = i if(data) # Support the usual @index.
        s += opts.fn(e, data: data)

and your template would be like this:

{{#each_with_sort array "sort_index"}}

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/ambiguous/zusq2tt4/

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