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Stop columns from stacking under col-xs-* size

I have a website that I am working on that has a simple widget that shows the current status of certain systems. The problem I am having is that when the view goes to mobile (iPhone size about) or the screen on a browser is creating the same effect, the rows that have objects in them start to stack and become invisible or cut off. I don't want these to ever stack because the design doesn't make sense that way. Is there a way to make is so something will never stack? I can't seem to get any clues as to how to fix this since the bootstrap choices don't go that small. It seems like it would work if there was a col-xxs-* class or a col-mobile-* class.

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The issue that I was having is there was a custom div class that was put into the hosting software's global styling. This class duplicated the idea of the Bootstrap col classes. It started from col-all-12 to col-all-1. The problem is this would override all the other bootstrap styling and make things a certain size no matter what width the screen is. I appropriately adjusted these and it seems to work. I had to rebuild this code from scratch but now it is good!

Thank you to all those that helped and gave suggestions!

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