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Java Question

Indirectly referenced from required .class file

I'm getting an error message when I try to build my project in eclipse:

The type weblogic.utils.expressions.ExpressionMap cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced
from required .class files

I've looked online for a solution and cannot find one (except for those sites that make you pay for help). Anyone have any idea of a way to find out how to go about solving this problem? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Answer Source

How are you adding your Weblogic classes to the classpath in Eclipse? Are you using WTP, and a server runtime? If so, is your server runtime associated with your project?

If you right click on your project and choose build path->configure build path and then choose the libraries tab. You should see the weblogic libraries associated here. If you do not you can click Add Library->Server Runtime. If the library is not there, then you first need to configure it. Windows->Preferences->Server->Installed runtimes

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