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Gerrit: Is there a way to push directly into master?

I understand that Gerrit impose a code review process so that every changes has to get a verification plus a code review of score "+2"

My question: Is there a way to bypass these two requirements? We need to do this for debugging purposes

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You push changes to Gerrit executing the "git push" command like in the following example:

git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

The "refs/for" is the "magical branch" which tells Gerrit that you want to send a change to review.

You can bypass Gerrit (and the review process) pushing straight to the branch if you execute the "git push" command like following:

git push origin HEAD:refs/heads/master

or simply:

git push origin HEAD:master

or considering that your local branch master tracks the remote branch master, just:

git push

But... to be able to push straight to the branch bypassing Gerrit you need to have Push = ALLOW permission for refs/heads/* reference.

Gerrit administrators can grant this permission to you. It's not mandatory but usually only users with "integrator" role have this permission set.

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