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Swift Question

Simple displaying of second window: OS X & Swift

I'm trying to find how to bring up a second view/window after pushing a button on my primary window. I have read about segues and I can get the first window to display the second but the second is not connected to a view controller so I can't add any code to any controls on the second view. Try as I might I cannot create a SecondViewController.swift file and connect it to a window controller or a view controller. The tutorials I have found all deal with iOS and I want OS X which means there are just enough differences to keep me from figuring this out.

Can anyone show me how to do this?


Answer Source

First make new file like: enter image description here

After that, put these codes in your classes and that should do it.

class SecondWindowController: NSWindowController {

    convenience init() {
        self.init(windowNibName: "SecondWindowController")

class ViewController: NSViewController {

    private var secondWindowController: SecondWindowController?

    @IBAction func showSecondWindow(sender: AnyObject) {
        if secondWindowController == nil {
            secondWindowController = SecondWindowController()
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