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Installing pip: python-pip? or from python-setuptools

I first use python in windows and now moved to Ubuntu. What's the difference between these two ways of installing pip?

I tried to install python-pip but was surprised to see the 30mb size while installing python-setuptools and then easy_install pip takes just few seconds.

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pip is a different project from setuptools. Installing just python-setuptools will not install pip.

Both install packages from the Python Package Index, but pip uses setuptools to provide a nicer interface and a slightly different approach. In other words, to use pip you first need to install setuptools.

pip offers more features than setuptools, including uninstalling and 'editable' installations where a git, subversion or mercurial repository is cloned and installed as a development egg.

Note that the python-pip package is smaller than the python-setuptools package:

You must be installing the ca-certificates or build-essential recommended packages to bring the installed size to 30MB.

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