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C# Xamarin Can't find .apk after exporting ("aapt.exe" exited with code 1)

Today i tried to export my android ap as .apk

after clicking export android package it says "Building Android Package..." below and if i wait a little it says ready.
But if i go to Projectfolder/bin/Release i can't find my apk...
What could be the cause of that? It worked for me earlier,

In the Release folder there are only these files:
Files in release folder after exporting


After cleaning the solution and exporting again, i got some more files but still no .apk

after clean

I finally found a solution! Before i say anything i want to thank all of you (especially Jon Douglas) for taking your time and trying to fix my stupid mistake.

So the solution: i renamed my "app-icon.png" to "app_icon.png" ................ that's it

Answer Source

Something is silently failing in generating your .apk. You should look at your IDE logs found in Help -> Xamarin -> Open Logs and look at the latest Ide.log. You should then see messages such as the following for Export Android Package (.apk): enter image description here which will ensure it worked. Once that happens you'll see the .apk in the bin/Release folder. enter image description here

I would also recommend using the newer option of Tools -> Android -> Publish Android App for a more well defined process in generating a signed .apk. You will then see a log such as the following: enter image description here

After this, it will generate in the same directory but also put the aligned package in the main directory by default(Based on the wizard):

enter image description here

enter image description here

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