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React Native: Which navigator should I use?

I have to build a relatively big cross-platform (iOS & Android) application within 3 months.

So far when it comes to React Native I only have experience with

. Now while I never really ran into any problems with it I never see people recommending its use.

The other options are
, which seems simple enough but maybe doesn't allow much native UI support? and
which I know nothing of, and the name alone worries me. I don't want to be having any last minute nightmares.

I plan on spending a month learning React Native thoroughly and then 2 months building the application.

This leads me to my question: If you had to build a cross platform application in React Native, which navigation would you use for each platform, and why?

Any answers or tips greatly appreciated.

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You can use Ex-Navigation which is built on top of NavigationExperimental and supports both iOS and Android. Plus, it has a route navigation system and correctly supports the Android back button.

If you want to keep using the Navigator JavaScript component, I've built react-native-navigator-wrapper which is a simple wrapper around the Navigator API that supports the most common navigation patterns like push, pop and modals.

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