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Bash Question

How can I use xargs properly?

I just want to delete all of my Vagrant boxes in my local machine. Here's the boxes that I have:

$ vagrant box list
centos/7 (virtualbox, 1509.01)
coreos-alpha (virtualbox, 1010.1.0)

First strings (e.g. "centos/7") in each line seems to be the box name, so I've tried following command:

$ vagrant box list | awk '{ print $1; }' | xargs vagrant box remove

I was just trying to get the first string and pass it to
vagrant box remove
using xargs because I want to have the string as an argument of the command. However, I got the following error somehow. What am I missing?

This command was not invoked properly. The help for this command is
available below.

Usage: vagrant box remove <name>


-f, --force Remove without confirmation.
--provider PROVIDER The specific provider type for the box to remove
--box-version VERSION The specific version of the box to remove
--all Remove all available versions of the box
-h, --help Print this help


Answer Source

I think xargs is merging more boxes into a single command, as this is the default behavior. Try using the -n switch to force one argument per command:

$ vagrant box list | awk '{ print $1; }' | xargs -n 1 vagrant box remove
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