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JSON Question

Using Json string in the Http Header

Recently I run into some weird issue with http header usage ( Adding multiple custom http request headers mystery) To avoid the problem at that time, I have put the fields into json string and add that json string into header instead of adding those fields into separate http headers.

For example, instead of

request.addHeader("UserName", mUserName);
request.addHeader("AuthToken", mAuthorizationToken);

I have created a json string and add it to the single header

String jsonStr="{\"UserName\":\"myname\",\"AuthToken\":\"123456\",\"clientId\":\"android_client\"}";

Since I am new to writing Rest and dealing with the Http stuff, I don't know if my usage is proper or not. I would appreciate some insight into this.

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From what I understand using a json string in the header option is not as much of an abuse of usage as using http DELETE for http GET, thus there has even been proposal to use json in http header. Of course more thorough insights are still welcome and the accepted answer is still to be given.