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Java Question

What's the difference between fx:id and id: in JavaFX?

Maybe a really newbie's question....

I'm starting learning JavaFX in a FMXL Application using the Scene Builder, by reading this tutorials:

So once i applied some changes, an issue with this 2 ID´s came up... i might have missed or confused something about them...

Can anyone tell me in which cases they are used one or another?

Answer Source

id you use to set a CSS ID to your Component, for example <Text id="welcome-text" .../> and in your stylesheet you have something like #welcome-text { font-size: 16pt; } so this will be applied to your Text.

fx:id you use if you want to work with your Components in your Controller class, where you annotate them with @FXML Text myWelcomeText.

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