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.m file to executable file in linux to run in another linux machine

Hi I am working in matlab linux. I want to convert my .m files to .exe or some executable file so that I can run it in another linux machine.I tried doing
mcc -m filename.m -o newfile

But it creates and newfile.o files. How do I sonvert this .sh file to .exe or how can I run this .sh file in other machine. please help

I solved the problem . I used
mcc -mv filename.m

command which creates a executable file and the I can run the executable file which has same name with the .m file as

in the shell . And also we need to check if the MCR is installed or not. if not we need to install the MCR. thanks for your reply.

Answer Source

You can run the created files on other linux machines by sh You cannot create exe-files for windows machines on linux machines. For creating windows-executable Exe-Files you have to use a windows machine.

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