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Android: Get missing translations for strings-resources

In Android, you can specify the texts in the default locale in

. Additional translations can be added for new languages in
(for Italian for example). If a string is not translated, the fallback-default locale is used.

Currently I can not tell which strings I still need to translate (so are in
, but not in
for all $ in languages) and which are translated, although the are obsolte (so are in
, but not in values/strings.xml exists $ in languages)

I'm searching for a tool which gives me the translations which are missing and the one which are obsolete.

To be honest, it is not that difficult to write such a tool for the command-line, I can only hardly believe nobody has already done this.

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Interesting question. I've wrote simple script to find duplicate resources in android project at It is ugly, I know, but I'll rewrite it in a few days and maybe create a project on github. To run it from console:
$scala DuplicatesFinder.scala /path/to/android/project

I've made a project on github, maybe someone find it helpful

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