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Coding a Navigation Drawer Menu (Slider Menu). (Master Page Detail)

Trying to build a Slider menu I´m using this docu coming from official Xamarin.

Quite odd, it´s not working. VS2015 intellense recognized me MasterDetailPage (my class is inheriting from it), but when I´m trying to launch the app, next error appears:

The type or namespace name 'MasterPageDetail' does not exist in the namespace 'Xamarin.Forms' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

What it happens? Do you know of any simply working demo?
I´m using this question as reference, but I´m not getting it works...

Some answer uses MasterPageDetail, another one implemented the solution in app (class) and I need to do it in a ContentPage

Thanks mates.

EDITED: I´m using Xamarin.Forms and I imported it and I don´t have any class called like this (MasterPageDetail)... Quite odd, it sounds like a stupid thing but I can´t see it.

Answer Source

I got it.

Finally I clean all project and started a code from zero using the next example (adding just MasterPageItem.cs, piece of cake):

Working MasterDetailDemo

I improved the demo by my own, creating a Master Page Detail where Master´s items bind specific generic page, it will be fill with its own attributes whose depends of id passed to the page´s constructor.

Github Slider Menu improved demo

Hoping it helps...

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