Joe Gillon Joe Gillon - 2 years ago 186 Question

Visual Studio TableAdapter syntax error on SQL statement

This is getting pretty annoying. This SQL statement runs fine in Access:

SELECT payrecords.*, AS employee
FROM Payrecords
INNER JOIN employees ON payrecords.employee_id =
WHERE payrecords.payrun_id = ?

But the tableadapter wizard insists there is a syntax error. Even when when I replace the "?" with an actual id it whines. This happens on a number of non-vanilla SQL statements. Sometimes when I ignore the "error" the code runs fine, but sometimes not. This happens in VS 2010 and 2015. Is there a work-around maybe?

Answer Source

The TableAdapter query parser in Visual Studio seems to have difficulty dealing with (moderately) complex SQL statements that end with a semicolon (;). In this case, simply removing the semicolon from the end of the statement resolved the issue.

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