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Python Question

Whats the difference between function calling with out paranthesis in python?

Here I got 2 sets of code

def outer(msg):
def inner(msg):
return inner()

The other one is

def outer(msg):
def inner(msg):
return inner

Whats the difference between these two set?

Answer Source

Parentheses are the syntax for calling a function. Not strictly an operator but you could consider it that way:

inner()    # Call the function

Functions have return values (default is None), so

return inner()

Calls the inner function and returns whatever inner returns.

The name inner is just a reference to an object.

x = 42

The name x is a reference to an int.

def inner():

The name inner is a reference to a function. x = inner followed by x() is perfectly valid.

So returning a name, any name, is just returning a reference to the object to which it refers, whatever that might be. A function, an integer, an elephant, whatever.

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