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XSRF Token Validation Failed Google Cloud Print

How to obtain XSRF Token in Google Cloud Print?

When I tried to submit job print. It's always get message "XSRF Token Validation Failed.".

I've checked in "Inspect Elements" in http://www.google.com/cloudprint/simulate.html. And there's a hidden text input with name 'xsrf'.

How to obtain XSRF Token?

Answer Source

I faced this problem and got following response.

 "success": false,
 "message": "XSRF token validation failed.",
 "request": {
 "time": "0",
 "users": [
 "params": {
 "user": "abc@gmail.com"
"errorCode": 9

Searched on google but nothing found except your post here. Finally spending 1 hour fixed by setting mimeType(application/pdf) as following

Intent printIntent = new Intent(MyActivity.this,

Hope this will help others.

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