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How can I reset a factory_girl sequence?

Provided that I have a project factory

Factory.define :project do |p|
p.sequence(:title) { |n| "project #{n} title" }
p.sequence(:subtitle) { |n| "project #{n} subtitle" }
p.sequence(:image) { |n| "../images/content/projects/#{n}.jpg" }
p.sequence(:date) { |n| n.weeks.ago.to_date }

And that I'm creating instances of project

Factory.build :project
Factory.build :project

By this time, the next time I execute Factory.build(:project) I'll receive an instance of Project with a title set to "project 3 title" and so on. Not surprising.

Now say that I wish to reset my counter within this scope. Something like:

Factory.build :project #=> Project 3
Factory.reset :project #=> project factory counter gets reseted
Factory.build :project #=> A new instance of project 1

What would be the best way to achieve this?

I'm currently using the following versions:

factory_girl (1.3.1)
factory_girl_rails (1.0)

Thanks in advance,
Best regards.

Answer Source

Hey everybody, After tracing my way through the source code, I have finally come up with a solution for this. If you're using factory_girl 1.3.2 (which was the latest release at the time I am writing this), you can add the following code to the top of your factories.rb file:

class Factory  
  def self.reset_sequences
    Factory.factories.each do |name, factory|
      factory.sequences.each do |name, sequence|

  def sequences

  def sequence(name, &block)
    s = Sequence.new(&block)

    @sequences ||= {}
    @sequences[name] = s

    add_attribute(name) { s.next }

  def reset_sequence(name)

  class Sequence
    def reset
      @value = 0

Then, in Cucumber's env.rb, simply add:

After do

I'd assume if you run into the same problem in your rspec tests, you could use rspecs after :each method.

At the moment, this approach only takes into consideration sequences defined within a factory, such as:

Factory.define :specialty do |f|
  f.sequence(:title) { |n| "Test Specialty #{n}"}
  f.sequence(:permalink) { |n| "permalink#{n}" }

I have not yet written the code to handle: Factory.sequence ...

Hope this helps all the other frustrated people out there who cannot understand why in the world factory girl doesn't provide this already. Maybe I'll fork the github project and submit a pull request with this fix since it doesn't change any of their internal functionality.


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