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Javascript Question

Flask url_for URLs in Javascript

What is the recommended way to create dynamic URLs in Javascript files when using flask? In the jinja2 templates and within the python views

is used, what is the recommended way to do this in
files? Since they are not interpreted by the template engine.

What basically want to do is:

// in comments.js

Which is not possible.

But naturally, I can execute that in a template:



What @dumbmatter's suggesting is pretty much considered a de facto standard way. But I thought there would be a nicer way of doing it. So I managed to develop this plugin: Flask-JSGlue.

After adding {{ JSGlue.include() }}, you can do the following in your source code:

    $.post(Flask.url_for('comment.comment_reply', {article_id: 3}));


    location.href = Flask.url_for('index', {});