Dmcovey1993 Dmcovey1993 - 1 year ago 166 Question DataGridView column alignment

Here is what is happening I have a DataGridView called

when I go to add columns there are coming in on right side and not on the left where my other two DataGridViews come in is there a setting where I can make it so the columns start on the left like they should be? I am not talking about the text with in the box's. The whole columns start on the right.

Answer Source

Set the DisplayIndex of your Column.

dtgQue.Columns("MyColumnName").DisplayIndex = 0 'This will set the column at first position

or use like this

myColumn.DisplayIndex = 0

Thus, you can set the order of all columns. You can set this property from design mode also.


if the all columns directions are started from right side then you need to check RightToLeft property. It should be set to No.

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