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Angular injection error when adding the controller in a form of navbar dropdown

I'm very new to angularjs and SPA.

I was trying to use the navbar structure of bootstrap adding a login section as a dropdown in a index spa. I want to click on the sign in button and call the function to authenticate and hide the dropdown of login when the authentication is ok.

At the beginning I didn't include the controller in the HTML, but then I included the attribute ng-controller and I don't know why I'm getting this error

Error: [$injector:unpr]$injector/unpr?p0=%24scopeProvider%20%3C-%20%24scope%20%3C-%20MyService

So if I remove the ng-controller="MyController" I don't get the error but I cannot call the method from the controller and I tried this before but without any success.


But as I said if add the ngcontroller my app will generate the injection error.

I pasted my code in jsfiddle but it doesn't generate any error.

So, how can I call the method authenticate with the button sign in correctly and then if the response is ok, how to hide the dropdown button signin and show the profile authenticated?

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It seems to be an injection error. Try to inject the $scope like this :

app.controller('MyController', ['$scope', 'MyService',function($scope, MyService){
    $scope.authenticate = function(username, password){
        MyService.authenticate(username, password);

You have to do it for all your components (config, service, etc).

I don't know which build system you are using, but if you are using gulp, you can add gulp-annotate to your build stream. It will add the injection's array automatically.

Edit 1

Remove the $scope from your service.

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