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Javascript Question

Full Calendar: Limit events per day in one cell

Is there a way to limit events per one cell on the bootstrap calendar as appears in attached image?
I want to show it as 2 events and "... X more" label in case there's more than 2 events with the same date and prevent stretching the whole calendar.

enter image description here

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Try the following.

With the new build v2.1.0-beta2 Launch 17 days ago Arshaw did the following


Max events with "more..." link (304) Don't fire eventMouseover/eventMouseout while dragging/resizing (1297) NEW OPTIONS:

eventLimit event LimitClick eventLimitText dayPopoverFormat


So, you can do the following:

    lang: 'en',
    eventLimit: true, // If you set a number it will hide the itens
    eventLimitText: "Something" // Default is `more` (or "more" in the lang you pick in the option)

tooked from: Fullcalendar, required files for limit number events per day with view more/ more button?

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