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Python WMI Hyper-v GetSummaryInformation result

Im trying to retrieve information from all the available VMs on a Hyper-V Server. The problem is that when I ask for the summary information, i get a list of useless COMObjects.

I can't find a way of getting the actual SummaryInformation values..

Here's the code:

import wmi

conn = wmi.connect_server(server="xxxx", user="xxxx", password="xxx", namespace=r"root\virtualization\v2")
client = wmi.WMI(wmi=conn)
mgs = client.Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService()
summaries = mgs[0].GetSummaryInformation()

print summaries
# (0, [<COMObject <unknown>>, <COMObject <unknown>>, <COMObject <unknown>>])

So I tried retrieving one VirtualSystemData to pass as parameter to getSummary

vs = h.Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData()
#Out[34]: <_wmi_object: \\WIN-Lxxxxxx\root\virtualization#\v2:Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData.InstanceID="Microsoft:xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx">

#Out[38]: (0, [<COMObject <unknown>>, <COMObject <unknown>>, <COMObject <unknown>>])

Any ideas?

Answer Source


First, be careful about the objects selected to retrieve the virtual settings data. To avoid having the manager between de vms, is better to start like this:

vms = client.query("select * from Msvm_ComputerSystem where Caption=\"Virtual Machine\"")

From there we can iterate each vm, ask for its settings, and then use the manager to retrieve the summary information:

# SummaryInformation attributes
vm_attrs = {
    'Name': 0, 
    'ElementName': 1, 
    'CreationTime': 2, 
    'Notes': 3, 
    'NumberOfProcessors': 4, 
    'ThumbnailImage': 5, 
    'ThumbnailImage': 6, 
    'ThumbnailImage': 7, 
    'AllocatedGPU': 8, 
    'EnabledState': 100, 
    'ProcessorLoad': 101, 
    'ProcessorLoadHistory': 102, 
    'MemoryUsage': 103,
    'Heartbeat': 104, 
    'UpTime': 105, 
    'GuestOperatingSystem': 106, 
    'Snapshots': 107, 
    'AsynchronousTasks': 108, 
    'HealthState': 109, 
    'OperationalStatus': 110, 
    'StatusDescriptions': 111, 
    'MemoryAvailable': 112, 
    'AvailableMemoryBuffer': 113 

vms = client.query("select * from Msvm_ComputerSystem where Caption=\"Virtual Machine\"")
management_service = client.Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService()[0]

for vm in vms:
    settings = vm.associators(wmi_result_class='Msvm_VirtualSystemSettingData')

    vm_original = filter(lambda x: 'Realized' in x.VirtualSystemType, settings)
    vm_snapshots = filter(lambda x: 'Snapshot' in x.VirtualSystemType, settings)

    # skipped retrieving snapshots to make it shorter, but is exactly the same        
    vm_data = {'snapshots': len(vm_snapshots)}
    paths = [vm_original[0].path_()]
    summary_info = management_service.GetSummaryInformation(vm_attrs.values(), paths)
    if summary_info[0] != 0:
        raise Exception("Error retrieving information from vm '%s'" % vm.Name)

    # Note, if you do dir() on the COMObject from the summary info list, you wont find any attribute from the docs, but, trust me, if you do summary[1][0].NumberOfProcessors or any other attribute, it will work. 
    vm_data.update({attr: getattr(summary_info[1][0], attr) for attr in vm_attrs.keys()})

    vms_data[vm.Name] = vm_data

It took me quite a while to figure it out... hope this will help someone else eventually. :)

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