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insert string at beginning of regex in python

In below code, the string "Graph" is replacing the matched regex:

htmlText = re.sub("[0-9]*/index.html", 'Graph', htmlText, re.MULTILINE|re.DOTALL)

But the problem is, I want to prepend 'Graph' to the beginning of the matched
expression, not replace it.

Answer Source

You want to capture the match (by surrounding your regex with parens), then backreference it (via \1), using a raw string (via r before the replacement string) to prevent the backslash from being treated as an escape character:

In [1]: import re

In [2]: htmlText = "5/index.html"

In [3]: re.sub("([0-9]*/index.html)", r'Graph\g<1>', htmlText, re.MULTILINE|re.DOTALL)
Out[3]: 'Graph5/index.html'

Edit: Changed r'Graph\1' to r'Graph\g<1>' above, since that's more reliable in case someone uses this answer in a context where the backreference is followed by another number -- see docs which cite:

\g<2> is therefore equivalent to \2, but isn’t ambiguous in a replacement such as \g<2>0

Note: Example above uses Python 2.7.6.

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