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R Question

Is it possible to to find the indexes of blacklisted dates in a sample vector of dates?

I have a tricky problem in R that I just can't seem to solve without resorting to a loop.

I start with a vector of timeDates:

dates <- timeDate(c("2014-01-01","2008-01-02","2008-01-03","2008-01-04"))

I would like to find the indexes of any dates in a preset blacklist:

dateBlacklist <- timeDate(c("2008-01-02","2008-01-03"))

The result would be something like:

indexesOfBlacklistedDates <- c(2,3)

Answer Source

An ugly solution:

indexesOfBlacklistedDates <- which(timeDate:::as.character.timeDate(dates) %in% timeDate:::as.character.timeDate(dateBlacklist))

Another, not so ugly, solution (similar to @agstudy's answer)

which(as.character(dates) %in% as.character(dateBlacklist))
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