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MySQL Question

Python date match with MySQL

I have the following code:

fixtures = StraightredFixture.objects.filter(soccerseason=soccerseason,fixturematchday=fixturematchday).order_by('fixturedate')

firstGameTime = str(fixtures[0].fixturedate).split()
currentTime = str("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")).split()

if firstGameTime >= currentTime:
selectteams = True
selectteams = False

Whatever the date of the firstGameTime is it always returns False. Two examples are as follows:

firstGameTime = ['2010-10-28', '11:30:00+00:00']
currentTime = ['2016-10-29', '10:51:50']
selectteams = False

firstGameTime = ['2010-10-30', '11:30:00+00:00']
currentTime = ['2016-10-29', '10:53:16']
selectteams = False

In the second example I would expect it to say True as the firstGameTime is the 30th whereas the currentTime is the 29th.

I have a feeling it is to do with the +00:00 part but am at a loss on how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated, many thanks, Alan.


Datetimes are directly comparable. There is no need to convert to lists of strings.

firstGameTime = fixtures[0].fixturedate
currentTime =

if firstGameTime >= currentTime:

However, since this is Django you could do this directly in the query:

selectteams = StraightredFixture.objects.filter(