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VB.Net 2010 Resources Not Working After Importing

When I go to set the Image on a regular

, and get to the Select Resource dialog, I can select an imported resource, but the preview does not show up. This is true for all of the imported resource images, not just one of them. If I try to go on and hit OK, it still says "(None)" in the Image property of the

I've tried deleting the resource files and re-importing, both from the Select Resource dialog, and from Project Settings -> Resources. Under Project Settings -> Resources, the images show up just fine. All of the images are PNG's and were previously working yesterday.

Any suggestions?

Select Resource Dialog

Answer Source

I was able to resolve by doing the following:

  • Remove all image resources from the program.
  • Look through all of *.Designer.vb files of for lingering references to the any of the image resources (I found a few).
  • Close completely out of Visual Studio.
  • Re-open the project.
  • Add the image resources back.
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