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URL Schemes to personal apps

Is there a way to use URL schemes to open another app (not a common one like maps), without having access to the source code of that app? I'm working for a company that has several apps, and they've tasked me to build another app that will concatenate all of their other apps. If I really need to, I can email my boss and ask about setting up the codes.

If it helps, I'm using XCode 7.3.1, in Swift 2.

By the way, I checked for similar questions, but couldn't find any. If you do find one, send a comment with the link and I'll delete this question if the answers the the other question help.

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

Download the application onto your device (sync to iTunes to get the IPA) or to iTunes. Right click and choose show in explorer or finder.

Now you have the IPA. Change the extension to .zip and unzip it. Open the payload folder.

Go into the application's folder (Right-Click Show Package Contents on OSX).

Open "Info.plist" and look for: URL Types key. One of the sub-keys in there will open the application.

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