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Swift Question

How to get the current time as datetime

Just started with the playground. I'm trying to create a simple app.

I've created a date object like this:

var date = NSDate()

How can I get the current hour? In other languages I can do something like this:

var hour = date.hour

But I can't find any properties/methods like that. I've found a method,
. Should I use that? If so, HOW?

Answer Source

I do this:

let date = NSDate()
let calendar = NSCalendar.currentCalendar()
let components = calendar.components(.CalendarUnitHour | .CalendarUnitMinute, fromDate: date)
let hour = components.hour
let minutes = components.minute

See the same question in objective-c How do I get hour and minutes from NSDate?

Compared to Nate’s answer, you’ll get numbers with this one, not strings… pick your choice!

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