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c++0x: proper way to receive a lambda as parameter by reference

What is the right way to define a function that receives a

lambda parameter by reference?

void f(std::function< int(int) >& lambda);


void f(auto& lambda);

I'm not sure the last form is even legal syntax.

Are there other ways to define a lambda parameter?

Answer Source

You cannot have an auto parameter. You basically have two options:

Option #1: Use std::function as you have shown.

Option #2: Use a template parameter:

template<typename F>
void f(F &lambda) { /* ... */}

Option #2 may, in some cases, be more efficient, as it can avoid a potential heap allocation for the embedded lambda function object, but is only possible if f can be placed in a header as a template function. It may also increase compile times and I-cache footprint, as can any template. Note that it may have no effect as well, as if the lambda function object is small enough it may be represented inline in the std::function object.

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