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Python Question

Scikit Image Marching Cubes

I'm using the Scikit Image implementation of the marching cubes algorithm to generate an isosurface.

verts, faces,normals,values = measure.marching_cubes(stack,0)

generates the following error:

ValueError: need more than 2 values to unpack


verts, faces = measure.marching_cubes(stack,0)

works fine so it seems the algorithm is simply not generating the values for
. Has anyone had any experience with this type of issue?

Furthermore, I don't understand the need for the
output of the algorithm, as a set of 3 vertices for each triangle in the mesh should be sufficient to describe the isosurface?

Answer Source

The docs of marching_cubes on the development version of scikit-image show that it should return normals and values as well. However it has only been introduced recently. They were not returned in version 0.12, as can be seen in the docs from that version. To get them you'd have to update to the current development version. A guide on how to install the development version can be found here.

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