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Syntax error with single quotes in Laravel 5 Eloquent Query Builder

I've been trying to write a massive

query with a
clause, and I've found that Laravel 5.3 Eloquent Query Builder makes a syntax error.

The query is the following:

$query = $this->model
->where('state', "pending")
->whereRaw('created_at <= NOW() - INTERVAL 12 HOUR')
->update(['state' => "timeout"]);

Which is translated to this:

update `orders`
set `state` = timeout, `updated_at` = 2016-09-21 21:47:39
where `state` = pending and created_at <= NOW() - INTERVAL 12 HOUR

This query keeps failing since the values for the columns
are not written with single quotes.

How can I force Laravel to write to put the single quotes correctly?

Answer Source

Maybe try where('created_at', DB::raw('NOW() - ..'));

And why are you putting peding in single quotes? Laravel escapes values automatically.

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