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Common folder/file structure in Flask app

I have just created a flask application and so far I have a router for my "Hello world!" template.

I would like to add a little (a lot) more functionality, but I wonder how I should structure the app directory.

What's the most common way of structuring a Flask app?
For instance, should I create a

for all my routes?
Where does the SQLAlchemy stuff go?
Should models be in

Answer Source

You should check out the Larger Applications page in the Patterns section of the Flask docs: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/patterns/packages/. It seems to be the model that most people follow when their application calls for a package instead of a module.

I believe views.py is what you are calling routes.py. After that, models would go in models.py, forms would go in forms.py, etc.

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