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Android Resource Qualifiers -sw#dp vs -w#dp

Say I'm developing a different layout for devices with screen size equal to or greater than 600dp.
I want to use the post android 3.2 resource qualifiers. I created a folder named

and put my layout there, but at the same time I could have created a folder named
and put the layout xml file there.
I'm trying to figure out what is the difference between
? After all they are both meant to use the layout for device of width >= 600dp.

Answer Source

sw is "smallest width". It doesn't change if the device is rotated.

w, on the other hand, is available (i.e. current) width.

See Providing Alternative Resources:

smallestWidth - sw<N>dp - The smallestWidth is a fixed screen size characteristic of the device; the device's smallestWidth does not change when the screen's orientation changes.

Available width - w<N>dp - This configuration value will change when the orientation changes between landscape and portrait to match the current actual width.

Example. Say that you have a device that is 600dp x 400dp.

  • If you have a w600dp resource, it will be used in landscape, but not in portrait.
  • If you have a sw600dp resource, it will not be used for any orientation (smallest is 400).
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