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Loading partial html template into Angular app using Laravel

I'm trying to use the RouteProvider functionality in Angular. A different partial html template should be loaded depending on whether the user is editing a form, viewing a list of completed entries, etc. I've been unable to load the html templates within the same page. Instead, the user is redirected to a different page.

Here's the relevant Angular code:

.when(/new', {
controller: 'CreateCtrl'
templateUrl: 'partials/newform.html'

The Laravel Route:

Route::resource('services', 'ServicesController');

The newform.html file is located at resources/views/partials/newform.html within Laravel.

Any thoughts on how I can load these partial html templates from Laravel?

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One way would be to reference the full path to the partials

.when('/new', {
   controller: 'CreateCtrl'
   //depending on your path adjust it
   templateUrl: 'partials/newform'

since you are just using .html not tempalte.blade.php file for template you should move it to public folder.

Update: If you really dont want to move the template out of view folder of laravel

create a route and serve your html from there

Route::group(array('prefix' => 'partials'), function(){

      Route::get('/newform', function()
        return File::get(app_path().'Views/partials/angular.html');

Note: I will suggest you not to mix Laravelc template with Angular, keep Laravel as REST API, and your Angular should separate layer.

Here are some Pros and Cons for both approach