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How to find an application entry point in Visual Studio (C++)

The question may apply to any programming language written in Visual Studio, but I am more concerned about C++.

Is there a way to easily determine the application entry point in Visual Studio?

For a relatively small application this could be easy, but for large ones, it will be pretty hard. In my particular case I know that the project which is set as startup is the one which has the entry point, but I was unable to find it, even the application starts and runs well.

Answer Source

When desiring to stop execution at the top of the main/WinMain function while interactively debugging a process on Windows, I typically just use F10/F11 (assuming default C/C++ key bindings in the Visual Studio IDE) to instruct the debugger to single-step (which starts the process, then performs the step, then breaks).

Note this may not always do what you want. If you want to catch global initializations, object constructions, etc, these are already done before reaching main or WinMain. Those require additional debugging and setting breakpoints in CRT-source code for the real global startup code (which eventually calls your main or WinMain). But if you simply want to break-on-main-entry for a program built with debugging symbols, this is likely the easiest way to do it.

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