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HTML/CSS/JS - How can I change text using a setInterval?

I'm trying to recreate something like you can see on, midway through the page the text changes automatically (Sketch is made for UX designers like you). I have searched a bit but couldn't find exactly how to make something like that. This is what I got, if theres anyone who can help me, that would be awesome, Thanks!

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(){
var div = document.getElementById('js-text');
div.innerHTML = "Replaced <span class='redText'>Text</span>";
}, 1000);

color: red;

<div id="js-text">Initial Text</div>

Answer Source

How about this solution. Hope it helps!

  $("#test").html("<div>"+ 'Sketch is made for UI designers like you'+"</div>").fadeTo(100, 0.1).fadeTo(200, 1.0);
   var str = "";
   var number = 1;
   var timer = setInterval(function() {
    if(number == 0){str = "Sketch is made for" +'<span class = "myClass"> UI </span>' + "designers like you"}
     if(number == 1){str = "Sketch is made for" +'<span class = "myClass"> UX </span>' + "designers like you"}
     else if(number == 2){str = "Sketch is made for"+'<span class = "myClass"> web designers </span>'+ "like you"}
     else if(number == 3){str = "Sketch is made for" + '<span class = "myClass"> mobile designers </span>'+ "like you"} 
     $("#test").html("<div>"+ str+"</div>").fadeTo(100, 0.1).fadeTo(200, 1.0);
     if(number == 4){
        number = 0;
    }, 2000); 
  background: purple;
  color: #ffffff;
<script src=""></script>
<div id = "test">

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