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Ruby Question

How can we watch the Rails development log?

A member of my team is developing a Rails app on Windows XP. We are finding that when we run the app, either launching it within NetBeans or by opening a console and calling

, the Rails development log does not scroll by. There is only the Webrick startup message. The app is definitely running, but when we hit various pages in the browser we aren't seeing any logging output.

When I look at the identical app on my OS X system, logging output works as expected.

I did make sure that it's running in Rails "development" environment.

Any ideas why logging would be suppressed?

Are there config params for the environment.rb file that would affect it?

Answer Source

Look in the log/ directory - there should be a development.log. I bet your output is there.

If it's not, make sure that directory is writable.

For how to see it while you're running: if you have git bash installed, or some other shell such as cygwin, then you can open a shell and do tail -f log/development.log which will scroll the log as it gets stuff appended to it.

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