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How to get a raw memory pointer to a managed class?

How do I find a raw pointer to a managed class in C#, and, hopefully, it's raw size in memory? Obviously, this is not allowed by CLR - more precisely, strictly prohibited, as unmanaged representation of managed classes should never, ever be worked with for both stability and safe reasons - so I'm looking for a hack. I'm not looking for serializing - I do actually need a dump of managed class as it is represented in raw memory.

More precisely, I'm looking for something like function

in the following example:

IntPtr getObjectPtr(Object managedClass) {...}

void main() {
var test=new TestClass();
IntPtr* ptr_to_test=getObjectPtr(test);

Thanks in advance!

I've finally found a solution by myself, and, when came back to post it as an answer, was totally surprised by the amount of so-quickly already posted answers... Thanks to all of you! This was very quick and totally unexpected.

The closest to mine solution was @thehennyy's one, but I'm not posting it since @Chino proposed far better one (sorry I've mistaken it to be wrong at first, I've just forgot to dereference the pointer again). It does not require a code to be unsafe and a bit more tolerates GC:

class Program
// Here is the function in case anyone needs it.
// Note, though, it does not preserve the handle while you work with
// pointer, so it is less reliable than the code in Main():
static IntPtr getPointerToObject(Object unmanagedObject)
GCHandle gcHandle = GCHandle.Alloc(unmanagedObject, GCHandleType.WeakTrackResurrection);
IntPtr thePointer = Marshal.ReadIntPtr(GCHandle.ToIntPtr(gcHandle));
return thePointer;
class TestClass
uint a = 0xDEADBEEF;
static void Main(string[] args)
byte[] cls = new byte[16];

var test = new TestClass();

GCHandle gcHandle = GCHandle.Alloc(test, GCHandleType.WeakTrackResurrection);
IntPtr thePointer = Marshal.ReadIntPtr(GCHandle.ToIntPtr(gcHandle));
Marshal.Copy(thePointer, cls, 0, 16); //Dump first 16 bytes...


/* Example output (yours should be different):

That field's value is "EF-BE-AD-DE", 0xDEADBEEF as it is stored in memory. Yay, we found it!

Hovewer, now I'm a bit clueless. According to the this article, first 2 addresses in the class should be pointers to SyncBlock and RTTI structure, and therefore the first field's address must be offset by 2 words [8 bytes in 32-bit systems, 16 bytes in 64-bit systems] from the beginning. Mine is 64-bit; however, as you can see in the output, it is obvious that first field's raw offset from the object's address is only 4 bytes, which doesn't make any sense.

I've asked this as a separate question.
Maybe I should ask this as a separate question, but it is possible that there is an error in my solution.

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Hey is this what you want?:

GCHandle gcHandle = GCHandle.Alloc(yourObject,GCHandleType.WeakTrackResurrection);
IntPtr thePointer = GCHandle.ToIntPtr(gcHandle);  
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