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AngularJS Question

how to make ng-model value set by ui-select value

I am currently using angular-ui/ui-select in my project. I am able to bind the value of the ui-select to an object without issue, however it is binding the entire

that is being iterated over. I would like to only bind based on the
this would allow me to persist the correct data as well as display the correct value in the drop down when the page is loaded.

How can I setup ui-select to do this?

<ui-select ng-model="myObject.stateCode" id="stateCode">
<ui-select-match placeholder="Select a state...">{{$select.selected.codeDescription}}</ui-select-match>
<ui-select-choices repeat="item in constants.states | filter: $" value="{{$select.selected.codeId}}">
<div ng-bind-html="item.codeDescription | highlight: $"></div>
<small ng-bind-html="item.codeId | highlight: $"></small>

Answer Source

Your code is fine, but there was a bug that caused this when using a child array (constants.states).

I just fixed this issue at, specifically this commit

New version v0.5.1 released. If you're using bower, just run bower update.

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