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Get screen dimensions in pixels

I created some custom elements, and I want to programmatically place them to the upper right corner (

pixels from the top edge and
pixels from the right edge). Therefore I need to get the screen width and screen height and then set position:

int px = screenWidth - m;
int py = screenHeight - n;

How do I get
in the main Activity?

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If you want the display dimensions in pixels you can use getSize:

Display display = getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay();
Point size = new Point();
int width = size.x;
int height = size.y;

If you're not in an Activity you can get the default Display via WINDOW_SERVICE:

WindowManager wm = (WindowManager) context.getSystemService(Context.WINDOW_SERVICE);
Display display = wm.getDefaultDisplay();

Before getSize was introduced (in API level 13), you could use the getWidth and getHeight methods that are now deprecated:

Display display = getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay(); 
int width = display.getWidth();  // deprecated
int height = display.getHeight();  // deprecated

For the use case you're describing however, a margin/padding in the layout seems more appropriate.

22 October 2015

Another ways is: DisplayMetrics

A structure describing general information about a display, such as its size, density, and font scaling. To access the DisplayMetrics members, initialize an object like this:

DisplayMetrics metrics = new DisplayMetrics();

We can use widthPixels to get information for:

"The absolute width of the display in pixels."


Log.d("ApplicationTagName", "Display width in px is " + metrics.widthPixels);
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