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Using npm behind corporate proxy .pac

I need to download several packages through npm but our corporate proxy configuration is a .pac file (i'm on windows)

i already tried

npm config set proxy http://mydomain\username:password@
npm config set https-proxy http://mydomain\username:password@


npm config set proxy
npm config set https-proxy

buth it doesn't work...

any suggestion? thanks

Answer Source

I've just had a very similar problem, where I couldn't get npm to work behind our proxy server.

My username is of the form "domain\username" - including the slash in the proxy configuration resulted in a forward slash appearing. So entering this:

npm config set proxy "http://domain\username:password@servername:port/"

then running this npm config get proxy returns this: http://domain/username:password@servername:port/

Therefore to fix the problem I instead URL encoded the backslash, so entered this:

npm config set proxy "http://domain%5Cusername:password@servername:port/"

and with this the proxy access was fixed.

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