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How to group laravel routes based on logged users and guest users

I want to group the Laravel 5 routs based on the logged users and guest users. Is there any inbuilt framework methods in Laravel 5 to do this?

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Yes, you can do this by updating following method in Authenticate.php

public function handle($request, Closure $next, $guard = null)
        if (Auth::guard($guard)->guest()) {

            if ($request->ajax() || $request->wantsJson()) {
                return response('Unauthorized.', 401);
            } else {
                return redirect()->guest('login');

        return $next($request);

If you are using Sentinel you can check the the logged user from

Sentinel::check() instead of Auth::guard($guard)->guest()

Then you can group the routs as follows.

Route::group(['middleware' => ['auth']], function () {
    // Authorized routs

Route::group(['middleware' => ['guest']], function () {
    // Guest routs
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