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DOCFX format tables using markdown without changing the template

Is it possible to change the layour of a table using markdown under


For example, the following table is not very good readable, because of the spacing between the columns. Event there is no alternating row color:

| Property | Description |
| URL | `/api/<version>/auth/login` |
| Method | `post` |
| Success | Http status *200* |
| Failure | Http-status *400/500* |
| Content/Media-Type | `application/json` |
| Authorization | *no* |
| Roles | - |

That is how it is looking in


Some kind of expected behaviour:


Thank you all a lot!

Answer Source

We will extend the default template:

Create a file: (Project Folder)\template\styles\main.js

The default DocFX template uses Bootstrap and JQuery, so in main.js put the following:

$(document).ready(function ()
   $("table").addClass("table table-bordered table-striped table-condensed");

This makes the markdown tables identical to those in Api documentation. To play with Bootstrap table styles, see

Now, we add this template to docfx.json:
In docfx.json, Replace "template": ["default"] with "template": ["default", "template"].

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