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Powershell 2.0 stripping double quotes

Similar questions have been asked on SO, however this is slightly different from those questions.

I am working on a Powershell script that dynamically builds a command and attempts to execute it against TFS. This command requires quotes for some of the arguments, and no matter what I try I can't seem to figure out how to inject them. I have this code snippet:

$files = Get-ChildItem $pathToDefinitions -Filter *.xml
Foreach ($file in $files){
$fileName = $file.fullName
$cmd = "importwitd /collection: $tfsProjectCollectionUrl /p:`"$projectName`" /f:`"$fileName`""
Write-Host $cmd
#iex "`"" + $($cmd) +"`""
& $witadmin "importwitd /collection: $tfsProjectCollectionUrl /p: "\`" $projectName \`"" /f: "\`"$fileName \`"""

This is my most recent attempt at escaping the quotes but to no avail. On the accepted answer for this question there is a link to Microsoft but that link appears to be broken. Additionally many of the examples that I have come across use constants rather than a dynamic string which is apparently adding a level of complexity. Is there any way to pass quotes into this command call in powershell?

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Without really knowing anything about the command you're running I'd have thought it would accept this:

$argumentList = @(
& $witadmin $argumentList

Where " can be used to escape " giving you a literal quote in your argument string.