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jQuery Question

Listen to changes within a DIV and act accordingly

I have a function that grabs an XML document and transforms it according to an XSL document. It then places the result into a div with the id

. What I want to do is, separate to the transformation logic, setup a jQuery change event for that div so I can tell when it has changed, and run some jQuery code.

I have tried the following, but it does not work!

$('#laneconfigdisplay').change(function() {
//Do XML / XSL transformation here

<!-- HTML code here -->
<div id="laneconfigdisplay"></div>

What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

You can opt to create your own custom events so you'll still have a clear separation of logic.

Bind to a custom event:

$('#laneconfigdisplay').bind('contentchanged', function() {
  // do something after the div content has changed

In your function that updates the div:

// all logic for grabbing xml and updating the div here ..
// and then send a message/event that we have updated the div
$('#laneconfigdisplay').trigger('contentchanged'); // this will call the function above
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