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PHP Question

Save data into database in Laravel 5


I wrote a migration script.


I run the
php artisan migrate
to migrate the table into my database.


Now, I have a
table in my database.
It has 2 fields :
, and

enter image description here


Route::post('/subscribe', array('as' =>'subscribe','uses'=>'AccountController@postSubscribe'));


<?php namespace App;

use Illuminate\Auth\Authenticatable;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Subscribe extends Model {

protected $table = 'subscribes';

//Validation Rules and Validator Function
public static function validator($input){

$rules = array(
'email' =>'required|email'

return Validator::make($input,$rules);



<?php namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Input, Validator, Auth, Redirect;

class AccountController extends Controller {

public function postSubscribe() {

$subscribe = new Subscribe; <-------- Line#46 (BUG HERE)
$subscribe->email = Input::get('email');


return Redirect::to('/')
->with('success','You have been successfully subscribe to us.');




enter image description here


Why can't I do
$subscribe = new Subscribe;

What is the best practice to insert data into database using Laravel 5 ?


Thanks to @Mark Baker.
It seems that I have an issue with my namespace.

This namspacing is a bit confusing to me right now.
Can someone please clarify or explain that a bit ?

Anything is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Here is a high level overview of how namespaces work in PHP to try and help you understand this and give you a solution to your problem.


// This is the namespace of this file, as Laravel 5 uses PSR-4 and the
// App namespace is mapped to the folder 'app' the folder structure is
// app/Http/Controllers
namespace App\Http\Controllers;

// Use statements. You can include classes you wish to use without having
// to reference them by namespace when you use them further on in this
// namespaces scope.
use App\Subscribe;

class MyController extends BaseController 
    public function postSubscribe()
        // You can now use the Subscribe model without its namespace
        // as you referenced it by its namespace in a use statement.
        $subscribe = new Subscribe();

        // If you want to use a class that is not referenced in a use
        // statement then you must reference it by its full namespace.
        $otherModel = new \App\Models\Other\Namespace\OtherModel();

        // Note the prefixed \ to App. This denotes that PHP should get this
        // class from the root namespace. If you leave this off, you will
        // reference a namespace relative to the current namespace.
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