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Python Question

how to output every line in a file python

if data.find('!masters') != -1:
f = open('masters.txt')
lines = f.readline()
for line in lines:
print lines
sck.send('PRIVMSG ' + chan + " " + str(lines) + '\r\n')

masters.txt has a list of nicknames, how can I print every line from the file at once?. The code I have only prints the first nickname. Your help will be appreciate it. Thanks.

Answer Source

Firstly, as @l33tnerd said, f.close should be outside the for loop.

Secondly, you are only calling readline once, before the loop. That only reads the first line. The trick is that in Python, files act as iterators, so you can iterate over the file without having to call any methods on it, and that will give you one line per iteration:

 if data.find('!masters') != -1:
     f = open('masters.txt')
     for line in f:
           print line,
           sck.send('PRIVMSG ' + chan + " " + line)

Finally, you were referring to the variable lines inside the loop; I assume you meant to refer to line.

Edit: Oh and you need to indent the contents of the if statement.

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