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Java Question

lombok not generating getter and setter

I just tried to send a maven based project to an other computer and HORROR,
red markers everywhere!!
However "mvn clean install" is building just fine.

Quickly I noticed that lombok is not generating getter and setter for my classes, however the @Getter and @Setter are being correctly recognised by eclipse.

both computers uses the same maven (3.0.4) but different jdk (1.6_23 and 1.6_33), they both uses eclipse indigo 32bits.

What could be the problem?

Answer Source

Well, when starting with a fresh eclipse installation you in fact need to "install" lombok before being able to use it.

Go where you lombok jar is, run it (Example: java -jar lombok-1.16.10.jar). A window should appear, browse to your eclipse.exe location.

Click on install.

Launch eclipse, update project configuration on all project and voila.

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