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R - Get current time in milliseconds

I am trying to do an API call which requires a time in milliseconds. I am pretty new in R and been Googling for hours to achieve something like what In Java would be:


Only thing i see is stuff like


which returns a formatted date instead of time in millis.

I hope someone can give me a oneliner which solves my problem.

Answer Source

Sys.time does not return a "formatted time". It returns a POSIXct classed object, which is the number of seconds since the Unix epoch. Of course, when you print that object, it returns a formatted time. But how something prints is not what it is.

To get the current time in milliseconds, you just need to convert the output of Sys.time to numeric, and multiply by 1000.

R> print(as.numeric(Sys.time())*1000, digits=15)
[1] 1476538955719.77

Depending on the API call you want to make, you might need to remove the fractional milliseconds.

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